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Sean Penn, daughter Dylan talk family ties at Cannes

By Alicia Garcia de Francisco

Cannes, France, Jul 11 ??(EFE).- Sean Penn and his daughter Dylan explored their family ties on Sunday after they arrived in Cannes for the screening of their film Flag Day.

“I wanted to be professional. This is my boss technically but at the end of the day he is also my father we have a complex relationship and we’re both alpha and I think that can sometimes clash but I think it worked out in the end,” Dylan said during a press conference.

Her father said that the first image that came to his head when he read the book on which the movie is based was Dylan’s face; however, he dismissed the idea that the film was made for her to make up for his absence during her childhood.

One of the things about “the privileges I’ve had in working in film and being a parent is that while there are periods of time when one is away we would always make sure if I was not flying home on a Friday night and back on a Sunday night to get back to work that the kids were coming to visit without more than two weeks going by in your job and so on,” he explained.

“Once you get done with the job, you’re the only parent in town that’s there 24/7. That’s when the kids get upset, when you’re there all the time.”

Both play a father and daughter who are very different from what they are in real life.

He is a small-time con man with big dreams, and she is a young woman who tries to move ahead in her life coming from a broken family.

Hopper, the second son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, also appears in the film in a small role.

“I do feel like my parents were extremely present throughout my childhood. I think also the fact that they took us out of Los Angeles where the industry was the focal point, was an amazing decision and I think led us to a normal upbringing,” Dylan underlined.

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