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Search for survivors continues in Beirut as death toll exceeds 150

By Ana Maria Guzelian

Beirut, Aug 7 (efe-epa).- The search for survivors continued on Friday after a fatal blast in Beirut which has left more than 150 people dead and thousands injured.

International teams combed the rubble of the city’s port area looking for survivors and recovering the bodies of those killed in the explosion.

Members of the press were not allowed near the site of the incident, with military patrols guarding the entrance to the port.

Rescue teams from Greece, Germany, France, Turkey and Russia were searching the area in private, with few details released to the public.

Lebanese health minister Hamad Hasan raised the death toll from Tuesday’s explosion to 154 on Friday and said 120 of the wounded were in a serious condition.

He added that around 20 percent of the 5,000 injured in the blast required hospitalization and in some cases “extensive surgery” to repair cuts caused by glass, which was shattered for several kilometers from the epicenter.

Authorities have not released a figure for the number of people reported missing after the tragedy.

The situation in Beirut’s hospitals is urgent and much of the medical aid sent from abroad is being used immediately.

Lebanon has also been experiencing a rise in Covid-19 infections recently.

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