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‘See you in Marrakech’ campaign aims to aid economic recovery of quake-hit region

Rabat, Sep 24 (EFE).- The Moroccan government has embarked on a nationwide campaign to bolster domestic tourism and aid the recovery of Marrakech after a devastating earthquake killed 3,000 people in the region.

The national tourism authority initiated the campaign over the weekend, spreading the word through social media platforms and Moroccan television channels.

Aptly titled “See you in Marrakech,” the initiative seeks to entice local tourists to visit the earthquake-stricken area during the upcoming national holidays.

A touching campaign video commends the unwavering solidarity of the Moroccan people in the face of adversity.

The video poignantly states that the “challenging circumstances endured by Al Haouz, the province hardest hit by the disaster, have touched us all.”

“Yet, what remains untouched is the indomitable spirit of solidarity among Moroccans.”

The campaign urges Moroccans to travel to the city this coming week to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, a figure of immense reverence in Islam.

The magnitude-7 earthquake shook the Marrakech-Safi region, particularly impacting the Grand Atlas mountain range in central Morocco on September 8.

It was the most powerful earthquake recorded in Morocco since 1960, resulting in nearly 3,000 fatalities and 5,500 injuries.

The majority of casualties occurred in the mountainous areas to the south of Marrakech, the nation’s primary tourist destination.

The city’s ancient quarters and some historic monuments also sustained damage.

Several countries offered their assistance to Morocco following the earthquake, but Moroccan authorities accepted aid only from Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Spain’s Military Emergency Unit (UME) provided crucial support during their 11-day mission in Morocco, contributing to the earthquake relief efforts.

The 56 rescue team members who journeyed to North Africa have since returned to their homeland, leaving behind a nation united in the effort to rebuild and heal.EFE


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