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Seoul: Pyongyang stole at least $700M worth of cryptocurrency in 2022

Seoul, Jul 19 (EFE).- North Korea stole at least 700 million dollars in cryptocurrencies throughout 2022, enough money to launch 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles, South Korean national intelligence agency reported Wednesday.

“We have confirmed that North Korea seized $700 million in virtual assets in two separate incidents last year,” a senior official with South Korea’s National Intelligence Service said in an appearance, adding that the regime still would not have managed to monetize them.

North Korean cyberattacks have increased since Pyongyang announced its plans to boost its satellite development and increase its nuclear capabilities.

“Despite the pressure from the international community, North Korea will focus more on stealing virtual assets and monetizing them,” the official added, according to statements reported by the local Yonhap news agency.

South Korean intelligence services estimate that money amassed by North Korea through cyberattacks represents about 30 percent of the regime’s foreign currency earnings.

The service said it would seek collaboration with local exchange operators to counter the attacks.

The intelligence official also revealed that a North Korean hacker was caught trying to get a job at a South Korean energy company last month.

The hacker had posted his resume on the professional profile platform LinkedIn and used a forged passport and graduation certificate during the hiring process.

The agent refrained from revealing more information about the case because it is sensitive information. EFE


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