Seoul watches apparent preparations for upcoming Pyongyang parade

Seoul, Sep 3 (EFE).- South Korean said Friday it is closely monitoring troop movements on Pyongyang’s outskirts amid apparent preparations for an upcoming parade in the North Korean capital.

The South Korean Unification Ministry, in charge of relations with North Korea, said at a press conference that satellites had detected the developments and these would will be carefully analyzed.

Thursday satellite imagery showed large troop movements at Mirim airfield outside Pyongyang, where the regime often rehearses parades for the capital.

“We will closely watch any sign, without premature judgments, that points to the possibility that North Korea may hold a military parade,” said Cha Deok-cheol, one of the Unification Ministry spokesmen in statements to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

Rehearsals for parades in Pyongyang usually begin a month before their celebration, with analysts saying that although Sep. 9 is the day of the national foundation, the act will likely take place toward Oct. 10, the anniversary of the country’s single party.

Some have said Oct. 8 marks 10 years since former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il made a will establishing that his son and current leader Kim Jong-un, should become supreme commander of the army.

This International Atomic Energy Agency released a report earlier this week suggesting North Korea has reactivated facilities for the first time in three years to obtain nuclear fuel that could be used in bombs.

Pyongyang hosted its last parade in January on the occasion of the eighth Workers’ Party congress, during which Kim Jong-un listed an extensive list of new arms assets he said the regime is developing, including different types of missiles and a nuclear-powered submarine.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said Thursday it would develop new missiles with greater range and destructive power during the next five years. EFE


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