Sergio Mattarella sworn in as Italian president for second term

Rome, Feb 3 (EFE).- Sergio Mattarella on Thursday was sworn in as Italy’s president for a second term after parties failed to reach an agreement to find a successor during last week’s elections.

Mattarella, who is 80 years old, was initially reluctant to sign up for another seven years in office but said that it was his duty to accept parliament’s decision to reappoint him amid political tensions, the pandemic and difficult economic and social conditions.

“My thoughts go out to Italians of all ages, religions and political orientations, and in particular to the most vulnerable, who expect the institutions to protect their rights,” he said in an emotional speech.

The reappointed president added that expectations would be “greatly threatened” if he were to refuse the post.

“That is the reason for my ‘yes’ and it will be at the center of my work as president of our Republic in this new mandate.”

Mattarella has won the respect of Italians for his calm handling of repeated political and health crises.

Italy’s president holds a ceremonial role but has the power to appoint ministers, grant the dissolution of parliament and take power during national crises. EFE


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