Sex party organizer says never seen Hungarian politician before

Brussels, Dec 2 (efe-epa).- The owner of an apartment that hosted a lockdown sex party that grew into a scandal when it emerged that it had been attended by József Szájer told Efe Wednesday that he had never seen the Hungarian politician at one of his gatherings before.

Szájer, a member of the hardline Fidesz party of prime minister Viktor Orban, resigned as MEP just before news emerged that he was caught fleeing a sex party involving 24 other men in Brussels.

He was one of the architects of Hungary’s 2011 constitution, which described marriage as being between a man and a woman.

David Manzheley said it was the “first time” he had seen Szájer come to one of his events.

“It was a small party, normally I have much bigger parties with 100 people,” he said.

All 25 men involved were fined for breaking the Covid-19 lockdown rules, although Manzheley insists that the premise of the party was that the participants had all overcome the virus.

The organizer added that his events, planned through an app, were popular with diplomats from countries where LGBT rights are limited.

The young man also accused the police, who broke up the gathering just after 9 pm, of using homophobic language against the detainees.

Szájer apologized for his actions on Tuesday, several days after resigning from his post.

Prosecutors are investigating Szájer for a drug violation, something he has denied.EFE-EPA

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