Shanghai on alert for coldest year-end in 4 decades

Shanghai, China, Dec 21 (EFE).- The eastern Chinese city of Shanghai is on alert as a cold wave sweeps through, bringing the coldest year-end temperatures in 40 years.

The Shanghai Meteorological Office has issued a yellow alert, anticipating that minimum temperatures in one downtown area will remain below -1 degrees Celsius for at least five consecutive days until Dec. 25, a phenomenon that has not occurred in the past 40 years.

Similar temperatures were recorded in 1991, 1993, and 1999, but those periods lasted for only four consecutive days.

On Thursday, the city’s temperatures were expected to remain negative throughout the day, with minimums dropping to -7 Celsius in some outlying areas of the city, where some lakes had already frozen, according to videos released by the office.

The cold wave coincides with the days when families traditionally visit cemeteries to clean the graves of their ancestors as a gesture of respect.

A large number of people are expected on the roads, which could lead to potential traffic problems in parts of the city.

Police officials have announced an increase in traffic patrols, especially on roads leading to cemeteries, to manage the expected surge in visitors.

Authorities have also issued a blue alert for strong winds that could hit Shanghai, particularly the riverside areas along the Huangpu River, on Thursday. EFE


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