Shanghai records hottest May in history with record temperatures

Beijing, May 29 (EFE).- The Shanghai metropolis, in eastern China, experienced the hottest month of May in its history, with temperatures reaching 36.6C, according to reports from the local meteorological department.

The previous record was set at 35.7C, an average temperature for May that previously occurred in 1876, 1903, 1915 and 2018.

The high temperatures have been felt throughout the city, with a maximum record of 38C in the Futura Island park in Putuo district and a new record of 36.6C in Xujiahui station, surpassing previous all-time records.

Faced with this extreme situation, the first yellow alert – the second in a four-color scale – was issued for high temperatures in 2023 in Shanghai.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 35C in several areas of the city, so precautions against fire, electricity and heat stroke are urged.

The meteorological department recommended that the population protect themselves from the sun, stay indoors and avoid heat stroke.

A yellow alert for lightning was also issued, warning of the possibility of electrical activity and heavy rain. EFE


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