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Shanghai suspends flights, braces for Typhoon In-Fa’s landfall

Beijing, Jul 25 (EFE).- Shanghai and other cities located on China’s eastern coast have suspended flights and most public transports as In-Fa typhoon makes landfall.

The typhoon made landfall on Sunday in the Zhejiang province, south of Shanghai, the state-run TV announced citing China’s Meteorological Administration.

The typhoon alert arrives shortly after the central Chinese province of Henan was hit by monsoon rains and floods that claimed at least 58 lives and forced nearly a million people out of their homes.

In-Fa, expected to move northwest at about 15 kilometers per hour, is developing heavy rains and winds that exceed 38 meters per second near its center.

The Chinese maritime authorities have activated the emergency red alerts in the provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu as well as the Shanghai city.

The typhoon is expected to lose strength as it moves, but accumulated rain between 150 and 200 millimeters per square meter is foreseen for Sunday night in Shanghai.

Nearly 360,000 people have been evacuated from dangerous areas in Shanghai, according to the state-run Global Times newspaper.

Five of Shanghai’s metro lines have been suspended as well as the high-speed train connecting the airport, while several recreational parks such as Disneyland have been shut down.

Flights in both Shanghai and the nearby city of Hangzhou have been canceled.

Ship traffic in much of the East China Sea waters has also been suspended, and hundreds of small vessels have been evacuated from ports expected to be most affected. EFE

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