Slovakian politicians get into a fistfight during press conference

Prague, Sept 13 (EFE). – In the final stretch of the campaign for the September 30 parliamentary elections, two prominent Slovak politicians got into a violent argument in front of television cameras during a press conference on Wednesday.

As reported by the TA3 news channel, former Prime Minister Igor Matovic, leader of the conservative populist OLaNO party, and former Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, of the social democratic SMER party, got into a fight that included kicks and punches.

Matovic barged his car into the press meeting with the former prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic Smer party, Robert Fico, whom he accused of being a mobster through a large loudspeaker placed on his vehicle, which bore a sticker with the slogan “we will not sell you to the mafia.”

Fico, who leads opinion polls with a populist, anti-migrant, and pro-Russian message, was demanding at the press meeting to close the borders with neighboring Hungary to prevent the entry of migrants.

Since he arrived in politics, the OLaNO leader, winner of the 2020 elections, has made the fight against the mafia, in his opinion personified in SMER, a personal crusade.

During the fight, Matovic was punched in the face by a member of SMER security. Kalinak was kicked twice in the chest by the former prime minister, who was in his car broadcasting the scene with a cell phone.

Slovakia holds legislative elections at the end of the month, with SEMR leading in voting intention, with 21.4 %, followed by the liberal PS, with 15.6 %, and another liberal social democratic formation (Hlas), with 15 %. EFE


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