South Korea reduces Covid-19 contagion to flu levels

Seoul, Aug 31 (EFE).- South Korea reduced Thursday the level of spread of Covid-19 to the lowest level within its scale of four, equating it with the seasonal flu.

The country’s infectious disease control agency announced the entry into force of its transition measures so the medical system of the country returns to normality.

Until now, Covid-19 had been classified within class two due to its contagious capacity, like tuberculosis, measles or cholera, diseases that force the health authorities to isolate the sick.

As of Thursday, and after the last wave of infections that started in June slowed, it will go to category four, the same level as, for example, the seasonal flu.

This means that recommendations of a five-day quarantine in case of infection will no longer exist and authorities will stop carrying out a daily count of infections, something done every day since the first case appeared in the country. on Jan. 20, 2020.

The agency said that from now on it would focus on protecting risk groups and treatments for seriously ill patients.

The use of masks will continue to be mandatory in hospitals and senior centers. EFE


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