South Korea, US, UK hold joint infiltration drills

Seoul, Mar 23 (EFE).- Marines from South Korea, the United States and Britain were carrying out “high intensity” air and marine infiltration exercises on Thursday, the South Korean Marine Corps said amid high tension with neighboring North Korea.

The annual Ssangyong (Double Dragon) exercise takes place near the city of Pohang to strengthen joint operational capabilities and this year for the first time includes troops from Britain’s Royal Marines Commandos.

The drills, which were suspended in 2018 to facilitate now non-existent dialogue with North Korea, started on Monday and will run until Apr. 3.

Amphibious landing operations have been carried by sea and air, as well as shooting on the move, according to the South Korean Marine Corps.

In turn, the South Korean military reported Thursday that it has completed a four-day live-fire exercise with US troops in Pocheon, near the inter-Korean border.

All these joint maneuvers are included in the Warrior Shield field training exercises (FTX), which coincide with the Freedom Shield command post exercises (CPX), which the allies have been carrying out since Mar. 13 and which conclude Thursday.

North Korea has vowed a forceful response to these large-scale maneuvers, the largest in five years, and has carried out at least five missile launches in the past two weeks, most recently Wednesday when it fired cruise missiles off its northeast coast. EFE


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