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Southwest Japan braces for typhoon Aere’s landfall

Tokyo, Jul 4 (EFE).- Japanese meteorological authorities have urged citizens to be on alert as typhoon Aere’s approaches the southwest of the country, with the storm expected to make landfall on Tuesday with the potential risk of landslides and floods.

At 8 pm on Monday, the fourth typhoon of this Pacific season was situated around 200 kilometers south of the island of Kyushu, situated in the southwest of the Japanese archipelago, after having passed by the southern islands of Okinawa without major incidents.

Aere, which is carrying winds gusting up to 89 kms per hour, is moving eastwards at a speed of 35 kph, heading towards northwestern Kyushu, where it is expected to make landfall early on Tuesday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency predicted that the storm could bring up to 200 millimeters of rain in the next 24 hours in southern Kyushu and the nearby island of Shikoku, one of the four major islands that make up the archipelago.

Authorities have warned of torrential rains and the risk of mishaps such as landslides – linked to the loosening of the soil – and floods, especially in western Japan.

As per its current trajectory, Aere is set to pass through Shikoku and head towards the Kii peninsula before heading to Pacific waters and influencing the weather in Tokyo and nearby on Wednesday. EFE


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