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SpaceX booster rocket breaks in two while en route to Florida

Miami, United States, Dec 27 (EFE).- A SpaceX booster rocket, considered historic for having completed a record of 19 missions, fell from a platform on which it was transported and was lost in the bottom of the sea, the space company reported.

As confirmed by SpaceX in a publication on X (formerly Twitter), the Falcon 9 rocket broke in two while it was being transported to Florida due to strong winds and waves.

“This one reusable rocket booster alone launched to orbit 2 astronauts and more than 860 satellites — totaling 260+ metric tons — in ~3.5 years,” SpaceX wrote on social media.

On Monday, while standing on the platform and in the middle of a strong storm in the Atlantic towards Port Canaveral, in central Florida, the 135-foot-high booster rocket fell due to the strong weather conditions.

“Newer Falcon boosters have upgraded landing legs with the capability to self-level and mitigate this type of issue,” SpaceX said in its post.

Among the most notable missions of which this launch rocket was part is Demo-2, which in May 2020 transported former NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station, in which it was the first trip to space from United States soil in new years.

That was the first of 11 manned missions SpaceX undertook aboard its Dragon capsules, during which it has taken 42 people into space. EFE


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