Spain body positivity poster criticized, model says prosthetic leg edited out

London, Jul 31 (EFE).- A body positivity campaign run by the Spanish government has prompted a negative backlash after a British model said her likeness was used in a poster without her consent and that the artists edited out her prosthetic leg.

The poster featured five women with diverse body types on a beach with the slogan “summer belongs to us, too” and was run by Spain’s equality ministry, which commissioned an artist known as Arte Mapache, who has since apologized.

British model Sian Green-Lord said the campaign had used a picture from her Instagram and edited out her prosthetic leg.

“I don’t know how to even explain the amount of anger that I’m feeling right now,” Green-Lord, 32, said in an Instagram post.

“I am literally shaking, I am so angry. I don’t even know where to begin to explain this and how it has actually made me feel.

“There’s one thing using my image without my permission, But there’s another thing editing my body with my prosthetic leg,” the model, who lost her leg after she was hit by a taxi in New York in 2013, added.

Her comments followed shortly after another model, Nyome Nicholas-Williams, said her image had also been used without her permission.

She told the British press that she thought it “ironic” that the campaign promoters, Spain’s women’s institute, which depends on the equality ministry, had not asked for the models’ consent to use the images.

Arte Mapache on Thursday publicly apologized for using the images on Twitter and said those affected had been offered a share of the revenue from the campaign, which was 4,490 euros. EFE


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