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Spain energy-saving measures come into force

Madrid, Aug 10 (EFE).- Spain’s new energy-saving measures came into force Wednesday as the country seeks to reduce its gas consumption and energy dependency on Russia.

The energy saving plan follows the European Union’s recommendation that each state reduce its gas consumption by 15% to ensure enough energy for the winter in the event of a total gas cut-off from Russia.

The new rules apply to public establishments and commercial buildings and will include limits to air conditioning and heating across Spain.

The package of measures, which was approved last week despite calls from the opposition for it to be scrapped, requires air conditioning in bars, restaurants, hotels, stores, entertainment venues and airports to be no lower than 27C during the summer months and heating no higher than 19C in winter.

The doors of these public spaces are to be shut at all times and lights in shop windows turned off at 10 pm.

The rules will not apply to education centers, health centers or gyms as well as private hotel rooms.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez’s socialist government has implemented the plan under a decree after his main opposition, the conservative Popular Party, rejected the measures, claiming it would harm the tourism industry.

Spain has agreed to reduce its gas consumption by 7-8%. The law will remain in force until November 2023. EFE


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