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Spain exhibition dives into world of comics

Madrid, May 25 (EFE).- Batman, Mafalda and Tintin share a space with a host of celebrated comic book characters in a new exhibition dedicated to the art that opened Wednesday at the CaixaForum in Madrid.

The showcase, titled Comic. Sueños e historia, brings together more than 300 original works by some of the most celebrated comic book artists from Europe and the Americas from the 18th century to the present day.

Among the star pieces, most of which belong to French collector Bernard Mahé, is an original page from Tintin’s Destination Moon, which is valued at two million euros, and an excerpt from the Yellow Kid dated to 1896 a series widely regarded as the first modern comic strip.

Also on display are works by esteemed artists such as Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Franke Miller, John Romita and Moebius.

Depictions of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers share the exhibition space with other well-known characters like Batman, Snoopy and Calvin and Hobbes.

The comic book showcase runs until August 28. EFE


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