Spain regions to restore nightlife curbs as virus surges among youth

Madrid, Jul 5 (EFE).- Coronavirus cases amid Spain’s younger population continue to rise across the country, increasing pressure on primary health care services and forcing regions to reinstate curbs on nightlife.

Among people ages 20-29, the 14-day incidence of contagion is close to 500 cases per 100,000.

Images of crowds of youngsters at parties and nightclubs were seen across the country as nightlife venues come back to life after regional governments have been relaxing restrictions.

But the National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs demanded Monday its sector not be stigmatized again and used as the “scapegoat” for the spike in cases.

The outbreak is due to the central government’s “chaotic management” of the night-time curfew and relaxation of restrictions regarding recreational activities, it said in a statement.

In Catalonia, one of Spain’s most affected regions, cases have increased sevenfold in the last 15 days, kicking off a fifth wave of infections.

Local authorities announced there would be a roll back on the relaxation of restrictions, which will be announced later on in the week.

The northwestern region of Galicia has also reported a 40% increase in Covid-19 cases in the last 7 days and in the city of Navarre, authorities have announced nightlife venues will go back to closing at 1 am instead of 3 am.

Even though most cases are affecting people in their mid-20s — who are not yet vaccinated and generally don’t show severe symptoms — primary care health centers across regions are buckling under pressure from the pandemic.

Spain’s vaccination rollout has prioritized the elderly, leaving young people in their 20s unprotected ahead of the summer season.

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