Spain’s Alcaraz sets sights higher after Wimbledon triumph

By Manuel Sanchez Gomez

London, Jul 17 (EFE).- Spanish world No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz is taking a bit of time to celebrate after defeating Serbian great Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final and capturing his second Grand Slam title.

But he also says he has room to grow as a player in all facets of the game and vowed in an interview with Efe in London to work hard to achieve many more goals in the future.

Question: How did it feel different winning Wimbledon as opposed to winning the (2022) US Open?

Answer: It’s a bit more special to win Wimbledon and because of how I did it, beating Djokovic, who was unbeatable for 10 years on Centre Court, in the cathedral of tennis.

Being part of the history of this tournament makes it a bit more special.

Q: Do you feel like a new era in this sport began yesterday?

A: I truly don’t feel that’s the case.

I think as long as Rafa (Nadal) and Djokovic are competing on Tour, fighting for big things, while they’re still playing, there won’t be a generational change. There won’t be a new era.

Q: In your speech at the champions dinner, you said, “now I’m going to Murcia to be a normal person.” Is it possible, being Carlos Alcaraz, to be a normal person?

A: Yes, of course. I’m a very simple person. I just like to be relaxed at home, with my family, going out with my friends, even going to the park.

If the company is good, the place doesn’t matter … being relaxed with your friends, laughing, joking … that’s all you need to feel like a normal 20-year-old.

Q: You also said this is the happiest moment of your life, but that you’d have to wait and see what happens in the next few years. What could happen in the next five or 10 years that would make you happier than this?

A: Looking at my list of achievements and seeing five Wimbledons, four US Opens, three Roland Garros, four Australian Opens … having more Grand Slams in the trophy case, more titles, more weeks at number one.

Q: Djokovic says you’re a mixture of the three tennis players who have dominated the Tour in recent years (Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic). But what are you lacking in your game? What can you improve?

A: There are lots of things I need to iron out. Just like Djokovic when he started his career and had already won four or five Grand Slams, just like Rafa or Federer.

They had a style and they kept improving. You’re never perfect, you never get to your 100 percent … I feel like everything I do I can do better.

Q: How necessary is it for you to have a great rival, a nemesis, if you are to grow, develop and win much more? A Nadal for Federer, a Djokovic for Nadal.

A: It’s super important. Having someone there you’re fighting against, who you have those battles against, that nice rivalry.

It’s important to keep your motivation over a long time.

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