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Spain’s Bit2Me to take part in world’s largest crypto event

New York, Jun 9 (EFE).- The Spanish cryptocurrency platform Bit2Me is to take part at the weekend in the largest event in the sector in the world, Consensus 2022, in Austin, Texas, another step in the crypto exchange’s “long-distance race” towards the digital future.

The CEO of the company, Leif Ferreira, told the Spanish news agency Agencia Efe that the convention in Austin was a “good opportunity” to present Bit2Me to companies such as PayPal, Binance, Microsoft, Apollo, Kraken, Sandbox, and Block as well as to US government representatives and lawmakers.

“It is not as if tomorrow we are all going to start using cryptocurrencies, this is a journey of a couple of decades, and for a time they will coexist with the traditional. It is a long-distance race, and the mission of the company is to help in that transition,” Ferreira explained in a video call in which he stressed his search for public trust.


Abel Peña, CSO of Bit2Me will participate on the 10th in the panel talk “Winning Trust in Web3,” where he will speak about the importance of training in cryptocurrencies, as well as its security and regulation.

Ferreira, who co-founded Bit2Me in 2014, speaks passionately about the “crypto ecosystem,” makes clear his optimism for a digital future, and reviews the company’s explosive trajectory in language peppered with words like “retail,” “partners,” “roadmap” and “trade.”

Bit2Me’s path has been “calm” until recently, he explains, coinciding with the initial offering of cryptocurrencies that it carried out last year, which was “the largest in Spain” and raised some 20 million euros from buyers of its token in a few minutes.

He emphasizes that he has opted to reinvest and attract talent, going from having around 20 employees in 2020 to more than 250 who today are spread out among Alicante and Madrid, Spain, an “unknown” place on the Mediterranean coast, and its recently opened office in Brazil.

Apart from the proceeds from the launch of its token, in 2021 the firm’s traditional turnover amounted to about 13 million euros, mainly from commissions, and its activity reached a volume of a billion euros.

Bit2Me was registered with the Bank of Spain earlier this year, becoming the first Spanish company recognized by the central bank as a provider of virtual currency services, after which it has also assisted the National Police in an operation to seize cryptocurrencies.

“In the end, we have been pioneers in many things, which improves the perception for customers. Our platform sells cryptocurrencies, but above all it sells trust,” says Ferreira.


Although some in the sector predict a “crypto winter,” understood as a phase of contraction, the computer engineer discards that “catastrophist” vision and does not consider that it will be as “radical” as when bitcoin went from about 20,000 dollars to 2,500 a few years ago.

“The crypto industry has come out of worse winters, this is the easy part of the game,” he adds, saying that what lies ahead is essentially a “reduction in speculative activity” that attracted many investors to cryptocurrencies in the first place.

This is also the case of Bit2Me’s own digital asset, B2M, which soared after its initial offering and has fallen in value in recent months, on which Ferreira points out: “Linking the token to trust in the platform is not correct, because it has another use.”

After an ICO “there is a lot of buying pressure and little liquidity in the market,” so “with 50,000 euros you can send the price to the moon,” he said.

“We continue to work for the time when people consider that the crypto winter is over so that they find a much more solid platform. We have the money from the ICO and we are building what we said we were going to build,” he said.

Among its innovations, he cites tools such as Launchpad (a platform for distributing new assets), Bit2Me Pro (a professional platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies) and the Bit2Me debit card (connected to a cryptocurrency wallet).

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