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Spain’s EFE news agency awarded for contribution to science, culture

Madrid, Jul 11 (EFE) – Spain’s EFE news agency on Monday was presented with the MEDES 2022 Award for its contribution to the fields of science and culture.

The prize highlights the agency’s Spanish language coverage of science and culture, the “quality” of its content and its “informative and innovative” value.

At a ceremony held during the XVI MEDES Conference at the Euroforum in El Escorial (Madrid, Spain), EFE’s president, Gabriela Cañas, stressed the importance of the award, which “represents the promotion and dissemination of scientific culture among citizens, the transmission of fundamental values of humanism and the promotion of the use of the Spanish language in the transfer of knowledge.”

MEDES (which stands for Medicine in Spanish Language) is a bibliographic database containing published references from more than 60 Spanish medical and pharmaceutical journals, freely accessible through the Fundación Lilly website.

In her speech, Cañas underlined the quality of the agency’s information in this field, with reporting that “carried out a task of dissemination, raising awareness, education and inclusion that undoubtedly benefited society in general and the prestige of the journalistic profession.”

EFE received the award for “the promotion and dissemination of the Spanish language as a language of biomedical knowledge and the transmission of knowledge in science and health,” MEDES said in a statement.

In its decision, the jury emphasized “the quality scientific information, developed through interviews, news, blogs, audio content and reports, among other formats with a final informative and innovative value that reflects the mission of this agency for science journalism as a public service.”

MEDES has stressed the importance of two of EFE’s thematic products, EFEsalud — in the science and health department — and Fundación del Español Urgente (FundéuRAE), aimed at disseminating the Spanish language worldwide. EFE


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