Spanish family seeks second chance in rural town after coronavirus crisis

Toledo, Spain, Oct 10 (EFE).- Juliana Ferreiro, her husband and their five children were forced to relocate to a small village after losing their home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The family of seven now lives in the Sierra de San Vicente, with a population of some 200 people, and their children go to a rural school with some 20 students.

Juliana and her husband decided to move to the small town after being offered a 250-meter square house in exchange of their children to enrol in the local school.

The exchange is part of an initiative launched by the Garciotum City Council to attract people to move to the area after the depopulation in rural areas across Spain.

“We are all very happy, with a new home and starting a new stage in our life,” Ferreiro told Efe, adding that they were warmly welcomed in their new neighborhood.

“The whole town is delighted” with the arrival of the new neighbors, Garciotum’s mayor, Carlos David Palomares told Efe.

“They are very happy, right now they are living a dream,” he added. EFE


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