Spanish federation apologizes for Rubiales’ inappropriate behavior at World Cup

Madrid, Sept 5 (EFE).- The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), through its president Pedro Rocha, issued an institutional apology Tuesday for the “totally unacceptable” behavior of Luis Rubiales during the final of the Women’s World Cup in Sydney on September 20.

In a letter signed by Rocha, the organization regrets the “totally unacceptable behavior of its highest institutional representative during the final and in the moments that followed.”

The letter, which is also addressed to FIFA, UEFA, national associations, players, especially those of the Spanish and English national teams, as well as other football stakeholders and fans around the world, insists that Rubiales’ actions “do not represent the values defended by the Spanish Federation, nor those of Spanish society as a whole.

“His actions must be attributed solely and exclusively to him, since he is the only one responsible for his actions in the eyes of society, in the eyes of sporting bodies and, if appropriate, in the eyes of justice,” the letter continues, after stating that it will make itself available to the Administrative Court of Sports and the Superior Council of Sports to provide any documentary and administrative support necessary to resolve the case against Rubiales “as quickly and definitively as possible.”

The text states that given the unacceptable behavior of Rubiales, both at the time of the final and in the hours after, “the RFEF immediately withdrew from its website all those inappropriate and meaningless communications that did not value the achievements of the national team and did not take into account the statements of the player on these facts”.

Rocha highlights the agreement reached on August 28 by the presidents of the regional federations, who demanded the resignation of Rubiales and announced “a review of the current management structures of the organization.”

It also notes that “in order to protect Spanish football and ensure that behavior such as that of Rubiales is not repeated, a thorough investigation of the facts and the subsequent actions taken by Mr. Rubiales was immediately launched.”

The letter signed by Rocha reiterates congratulations to the national team “for their historic triumph, recognizing the impact and legacy that their victory will have on the future of Spanish football.”

“We are convinced that their spirit has inspired millions of people of all ages and we could not be prouder of the way they conducted themselves both on and off the pitch. In due course, I intend to bring them back into the limelight and celebrate their achievements as they deserve,” he concluded.EFE omm/ics

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