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Spanish woman allegedly scammed out of 170,000 euros by fake Brad Pitt

Granada, Spain, Jun 29 (EFE).- A woman in the southern Spanish city of Granada has filed a lawsuit after she was allegedly scammed out of at least 170,000 euros by someone posing online as American actor Brad Pitt, her lawyer told EFE Thursday.

Antonio Estella Aroza said that the middle-aged woman started interacting with a Brad Pitt fan club on Facebook in early 2022.

Over time, the woman thought she had struck up a relationship with the actor via the fan club.

Estella Aroza explained that the defendant started having conversations with the alleged scammer who gained her trust and conned her into thinking she was in a romantic relationship with Pitt.

The person who allegedly conned the woman promised her he would come to Spain and produce a movie with her.

It was at this point, the lawyer said, that the alleged con artist started demanding different amounts of money to be wired to them to cover expenses linked to the fake Pitt’s “acting”.

During the period they were in contact, the person posing as Pitt allegedly sent photos on the red carpet at premieres and even several that had been edited to include personal messages to the woman.

One photo showed a smiling Pitt holding a note reading: “Darling I truly love you and promise to return everything to you. Darling I still love you and am still here for you.”

The woman, who has not been named, started to suspect she was being scammed when the promises the fake Pitt had made did not come to fruition. EFE


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