Spectator who caused huge crash in Tour de France arrested

Fougères, France, Jun 30 (EFE).- A spectator who caused a huge pile-up in the first stage of the Tour de France at the weekend when German cyclist Tony Martin crashed into a sign she was holding over the edge of the road was arrested Wednesday.

Over 20 cyclists were affected by the mass crash on Saturday, footage of which was widely circulated by the media. The Tour de France later announced it intended to sue the spectator and a manhunt was launched to track her down.

The woman is now in police custody in Landerneau, in Brittany, the finish line for the Tour’s first stage, according to French media outlet RTL.

She caused the huge crash at the 45-kilometer mark of the stage as she stood facing television cameras with her back to the peloton, holding a sign with a message written in German over the road and in the path of the oncoming cyclists.

She could face a fine of 1,500 euros for causing injuries although the penalty could be higher if individual cyclists who were affected, such as Jasha Sütterlin, who had to pull out of the Tour, decide to press charges.EFE


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