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Stoltenberg says NATO has evidence of Iran supplying drones to Russia

Brussels, Oct 20 (EFE).- NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that all indications pointed to Iran supplying Russia with drones to attack Ukraine, which would “clearly violate” the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

In a joint press conference with Sweden’s new prime minister Ulf Kristersson at NATO’s main headquarters, Stoltenberg called on all nations “to not support Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine.”

The Alliance chief warned that NATO is “monitoring closely what Iran is doing when it comes to providing any support to Russia.

“I never go into the specifics of our intelligence,” said Stoltenberg when asked to give more details about the evidence they have on Tehran’s delivery of drones to Moscow.

He added that the “horrific attacks” that Russia has launched with the drones against all kinds of targets in Ukraine, specifically to civilians, “highlights the urgency of stepping up support for Ukraine.”

He underlined that the war in Ukraine “clearly violates international law and it’s an attack on an independent sovereign nation in Europe.”

He recalled that last week, at the meeting of NATO defense ministers, several Allies announced the delivery of new air defenses and committed to provide more military aid to Kyiv to protect against Russia.“We are stepping up our support,” he said.

He then referred to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine as a “big mistake” which is failing, “he was forced to withdraw from the territories in the north around Kyiv. Then they launched a big offensive in Donbas, that offensive was stalled by the brave Ukrainian forces.

“Now the Ukrainians are actually able to take back territory and liberate Ukrainian land and we support them in doing so,” he concluded. EFE


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