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Stone: Kennedy was killed for changing things too much

Cannes, France, Jul 13 (EFE).- Documents that have been declassified over the past 30 years show that United States president John F Kennedy was killed because he “was changing things too much”, US director Oliver Stone said on Tuesday.

Kennedy “really struggled for peace in the world” and “paid a price for it,” said the director, whose documentary about the US president who was assassinated in 1963 is being presented out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

“The motive for murder is change. Kennedy was changing things too much,” he told a press conference.

For Stone, the assassination marked a major turning point in American and world history, but it is an event whose significance is not fully understood by modern audiences.

“In 1963 a great crime happened, and people who were born afterward or who are young don’t know much about it, and they have gone on with their lives but they don’t realize that the world has been shaped by people before them,” he said.

That is why he made ‘JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’, which looks at the assassination in a new light given the massive amounts of evidence from documents that have been declassified since 1991, when Stone released his film ‘JFK’.

“We now know for sure that Oswald is not on the 6th floor, for sure, and that he was involved with the CIA as an asset from 1958 at least to 1963,” just before Kennedy’s assassination, he said.

“The original evidence the Warren Commission presented us with — the bullets, the shots, the targets, the trajectories, the rifle, the fingerprints, the autopsy — are fraudulent,” he added.

These are the main elements revealed by the documentary which focuses on the alleged CIA coverup and contradictions in statements from doctors who carried out the autopsy as well as the alleged manipulation of Kennedy’s body.

“It’s an important reason for young people to see it, because we are where we are because of that. Things changed on November 22, 1963. We can change it back,” Stone said. EFE

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