Stop making baseless allegations that create new obstacles: China tells US

Beijing, Mar 7 (efe-epa).- China on Sunday urged the United States to stop making “groundless allegations” that create “new obstacles” in repairing the battered ties between the two countries.

“China will never accept groundless allegation and vilification and will never allow its core interests to be violated,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters on the sidelines of China’s annual legislative session.

The foreign minister said Beijing expected Washington to take the lead and “remove all its unreasonable restrictions on bilateral cooperation,” referring to the tariffs imposed on Chinese products by former US president Donald Trump.

Wang advocated peaceful coexistence between the two global powers.

He reiterated that the two countries would need to abide by the principle of “not interfering in the affairs of the other.”

He was responding to a question about possible criticism from Washington on account of the electoral reform in Hong Kong discussed at the National People’s Congress.

The foreign minister indicated that such a reform was necessary to ensure stability in Hong Kong.

On the matter of the human rights situation of the Uyghur minority in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, also criticized by Washington, Wang dismissed the genocide accusations based on malicious rumors.

Wang also warned that Taiwan, which has been governed autonomously since 1949 but is claimed by Beijing, was a “red line” that must not be crossed in China-US relations.

Wang said as the two largest economies in the world with convergent interests, it was important for China and the US to avoid confrontation.

He also expressed China’s willingness to work with the US to bring bilateral relations on the right track.

He said the Chinese foreign ministry’s priority in 2021 would be to collaborate with the rest of the world to end the coronavirus pandemic and denied Beijing was conducting diplomacy through its Covid-19 vaccines. EFE-EPA


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