“Superheroes” run to raise money for kids’ cancer treatment

Acapulco, Mexico, Aug 13 (EFE).- Some 100 people in the costumes of superheroes and characters from the worlds of animation and anime took part here Sunday in a run to raise funds for children’s cancer treatment in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

“This is a very special race,” Rafael Cortes, organizer of the fourth edition of the “Heroes Against Cancer” event in Acapulco, told EFE.

“Everything collected through registrations and sponsorships is to by medications that are delivered to the State Oncology Institute,” he said.

Accompanying the “heroes” along a portion of the route was 10-year-old Carlos, a leukemia patient representing the youngsters who are battling cancer.

“The truth is that this is a great act on the part of all the people who join our cause. None of us ever knows when he or she is going to endure that situation,” his mother, Zury Jaimes, said. “We invite everyone who hears us and see us to join in supporting children with cancer.

Awareness of the race has spread beyond Mexico and international visitors were among the participants.

“I feel very satisfied because it’s a good cause and we need to support sport, health. We need to prevent (illness) and teach healthy eating,” Colombian John Jairo Arcos said after completing the 5 km (3 mi) course under a blazing sun in this Pacific resort city.

Another competitor, Cortes Salas, said the importance of the cause inspired the runners to overcome the heat.

“Their stories help us overcome, to think of different things, because we worry about senseless work issues while they are fighting for their lives day-to-day,” he said.

“The biggest prize was the reward of being able to help a child with cancer,” runner Mayra de la Fuente said.

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