Sweden’s Löfven handed chance to form new government

Copenhagen, Jul 1 (EFE).- Sweden’s acting prime minister Stefan Löfven on Thursday was asked to form a new government after losing a no-confidence vote last month and being forced to resign this week.

The parliament speaker handed Löfven the task hours after the country’s conservative opposition leader, Ulf Kristesson, failed to secure enough votes in parliament to become prime minister.

Social Democrat Löfven’s fragile centre-left minority government was overthrown after the Left Party withdrew its support over the prime minister’s plan to ease rent controls, leading to a no-confidence vote in parliament.

“My answer remains that the Social Democrats and I are ready to shoulder the responsibility together with other constructive forces leading the country forward,” Lofven said on social media.

Lofven is due to report back to the parliament speaker, Andreas Norlen, by Monday at the latest, after which a vote in parliament will follow in the next few days.

If four votes in parliament fail to appoint the executive by the end of July, snap elections will automatically be triggered. EFE


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