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Taliban carry out second public execution since returning to power

Kabul, Jun 20 (EFE).- The Taliban government on Tuesday carried out the second public execution in Afghanistan since returning to power in August 2021, by publicly shooting a murder convict.

The man executed as per the retribution law in Islamic jurisprudence was a resident of the Guldara district in the Kabul province, and was accused of killing four people of the same family in the neighboring Laghman province.

The execution was carried out in a public event attended by several dignitaries, including a high-ranking official of the Supreme Court, Mufti Atiqullah Darwish, the authorities said in a statement.

“Convicted murderer was shot dead as he had murdered in the same manner,” Supreme Court spokesperson Malavi Mashal told EFE.

He added that this was the second execution as per “Qesas” or Islamic retribution law since the Taliban seized power on Aug. 15, 2021.

Qesas is an Islamic term for “eye for eye” or retribution for the crime performed in the same way, which means if a man is killed with a knife, the punishment would also be execution with a knife, and so on.

The first such execution took place in December when a murder convict was executed by shooting in the western Farah province.

On that occasion, the father of the victim carried out the execution by firing three bullets at the convict by an AK-47 assault rifle.

The Afghan top court said in a statement that on Tuesday that “retribution was carried out for a murder in the Eid-Gah mosque” in the city of Mehtar Lam, capital of the Laghman province.

It added that the sentence was carried out after the assessment and involvement of three courts and with the approval of the Taliban government’s supreme leader and religious scholars. EFE


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