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Taliban declares Afghanistan’s ‘independence’ after US withdrawal

Kabul, Aug 31 (EFE).- Hours after the last plane carrying US forces left Kabul airport, the Taliban announced the “complete independence” of Afghanistan and promised to form a new inclusive Islamic government under its leadership.

The Taliban’s main spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, announced at a press conference at the airport early Tuesday that the country had made “huge sacrifices” in the past 20 years, undergone “endless suffering” and finally, with its might and resolve, it was able to “gain the country’s independence” from foreign forces.

“It is because of your sacrifice (…) that we today have independence. I want to congratulate all of you and our nation on this independence. We hope Afghanistan will never be occupied again and that it remains independent, prosperous and home to Afghans, under a sacred Islamic system,” he said.

“Invaders should know, Afghanistan is not the place for them. They made a mistake to come here. We are happy they are no longer here and (that) our country is independent. It is a new chapter,” Mujahid added.

“Now that we have taken control of our country, there will be a strong Islamic government formed” by the Taliban, he said.

Mujahid said that in the past 20 years, the Taliban had led and organized “Jihadi efforts” in Afghanistan and therefore had the right to assume “the leadership of the country and ensure its future.”

“We promise to build a system that will be representative of the expectations of Afghans and Islamic values,” he added.

He called on Taliban fighters to be “polite” and exhibit “good behavior” after 20 years of war and “hardships,” saying that “the nation after this has the right to peaceful life” and emphasized that “we should be the servants of the nation, not their dynasts.”

Despite the past 20 years of war with the United States, Mujahid expressed the Taliban’s desire for “good relations with the US” in the future.

The announcement came hours after the US completed its pullout from Afghanistan at midnight after withdrawing the last American troops from the country to end its two-decades long war in Afghanistan. EFE


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