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Taliban disperse women protesters in Kabul with tear gas, warning shots

Kabul, Sep 4 (EFE).- Taliban fighters on Saturday used tear gas and fired warning shots into the air to disperse a group of women protesters who, for the second consecutive day in Kabul, took to the streets to call on the Islamist group to honor its promises to protect their rights and guarantee the presence of women in a future government.

The demonstrators were halted by the Taliban as they marched from the foreign ministry toward the presidential palace.

“The Taliban prevented us from marching and said ‘you are not allowed’ to go toward the gate of the presidential palace,” one of the organizers of the protest told Efe on the condition of anonymity.

“They used gunfire and teargas to disperse us and they are dispersing groups even if five women gather in a place for protest” she said.

Samira Khairkhwa, another protest leader, told Efe: “Today’s protest was in line with yesterday’s protest to ask the Taliban to give women meaningful participation in all aspects of life including decision-making positions and politics.

“Our protest will continue until Taliban accept our demands, we will not remain silent and lock ourselves in homes” she added.

The Taliban prohibited journalists and protesters from recording the scene.

Nargis Sadat, one of the protesters, suffered a head injury after the Taliban resorted to violence, she said.

This is the second women’s rights protest in Kabul in the past two days. The first one was held peacefully Friday morning.

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi on Friday told Efe that “all Afghans including women would enjoy their rights in future governments, but the level of participation of women in politics is something that will be decided and will be clear once the new government is formed.”

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