Taliban protest against UN persisting with Ghani-era ambassador

Kabul, Dec 7 (EFE).- The Taliban on Tuesday said that the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to continue with the ousted Afghan government’s representative as Afghanistan’s ambassador to the UN was “unjust,” after the body deferred the decision on recognizing the Islamist group as the official authority of the country.

“It is unfair to give Afghanistan’s seat in the United Nations to someone who does not represent the government and the people of Afghanistan,” the deputy spokesperson of the Taliban government, Enamullah Samangani, tweeted.

He urged the UN to “work based on rationality and seriously reconsider” its decision to not recognize their interim government

In a statement, the Afghan foreign ministry asserted the Taliban’s “right to represent the Afghan people in the UN.”

“Giving Afghanistan’s seat in the UN to an individual with no working relation with Kabul & no authority over any part of Afghan territory is deemed a blatant denial of the Afghan people’s legitimate right,” it said.

On Monday the UNGA postponed the decision on recognizing the Taliban as the official Afghan authority, after on Thursday its Credentials Committee – which approves the diplomatic representation of each member state – postponed taking a call on this until after the current session, that is, until September 2022.

The current Afghan envoy to the UN, Ghulam Isaczai, was appointed by the now-ousted government of Ashraf Ghani as the country’ permanent representative in June 2021.

On Monday the UN confirmed the decision that Isaczai would continue in his post for now, triggering protests by the Taliban.

The UN legitimacy is one of the crucial diplomatic endeavors of the Taliban.

So far, no country has recognized the Islamist movement as the legitimate Afghan government, not even Pakistan and China that have maintained contact with the regime.

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