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Taliban top leader orders orientation for those looking to leave Afghanistan

Kabul, Dec 8 (EFE).- Taliban supreme leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada ordered officials in Afghanistan on Wednesday to provide the necessary guidance to dissuade those trying to leave the country, allegedly putting Islam at risk.

“The Afghans who leave the country for western countries will face moral and humanitarian problems there, such as bad situations on their way, and camps, and biased programs endangering their beliefs, morals, and spiritual values,” Akhundzada said in a statement.

In this context, the Taliban’s supreme leader ordered provincial governors, relevant officials, and religious scholars to meet directly with Afghans trying to leave and listen to their problems and help them find solutions.

Akhundzada also called for more security measures so that no one has the opportunity to intimidate others, with special emphasis on guaranteeing the safety of entrepreneurs and traders.

The statement referred to the alleged situation of some Afghans who were forced to defame Islam and the Islamic system, as well as to produce false documents for residence permits.

The arrival of the Taliban to power on Aug.15 led to tens of thousands of people leaving the country, worried about the return of the Islamist regime.

This included thousands of young professionals, intellectuals, artists, journalists, and active members of civil society, who left Kabul on evacuation flights by international forces.

The Islamist leader lamented this massive outflow of talents that he said could help rebuild the country.

“Instead of spending their professionalism in their country’s development and welfare, the Afghans are doing ordinary and even hard (menial) labor in other countries,” he said.

Although the US, together with the allied countries, managed to evacuate some 120,000 people within two weeks of the Taliban’s victory in the war and its coming to power, several nonprofits have reported that thousands of others are still looking for ways to leave Afghanistan. EFE


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