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Thai policeman arrested after video shows him torturing, killing detainee

Bangkok, Aug 26 (EFE).- Thai police officer Thitisan Uthhanaphon, wanted by authorities for appearing in a viral video in which he is allegedly seen torturing and killing a detainee after asking for a bribe worth $61,000, has been arrested, police sources said on Thursday.

The suspended police colonel, popularly known as “Jo Ferrary” for his penchant for luxury cars, surrendered to the police near the city of Mae Sot, close to the border with Myanmar, local media outlets reported.

Thitisan and five other junior police officers are accused of torturing and killing an alleged drug trafficker who they choked with a plastic bag at a police station in the city of Nakhon Sawan, situated in central Thailand.

The incident allegedly took place on Aug. 6, but the video went viral on Tuesday after being shared on social networks by a lawyer who received it from a police officer at the police station where it was shot.

On the same day, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha ordered an investigation into the allegations and a day later, a Nakhon Sawan court issued arrest warrants against the six policemen.

In the video, Thitisan and his subordinates can be seen putting a plastic bag on the 24-year-suspect for over a minute, after demanding a bribe of 2 million baht ($61,000).

At the end, they can be seen trying to resuscitate the suspect, but the man – identified as Jeerapong Thanapat – died in the incident.

The accused police officers claimed that the suspect had died of a drug overdose and his girlfriend, also arrested with him, was released without charges.

The police on Wednesday raided Thitisan’s opulent residence in Bangkok, where it found close to 30 luxury vehicles in the 8,600 square meter apartment which includes a swimming pool and multiple gardens.

The officer owned a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and multiple Porsche models despite having a monthly salary of around just 40,000 baht.

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