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The 5G network expected to trigger development in Latin America

Cancun (Mexico), Jun 29 (EFE).- The deployment of the 5G technology network in Latin American countries will trigger development in all sectors, Joaquín Saldaña Otero, director of Strategy and Marketing at Huawei Latin America, said on Wednesday.

Brazil and Mexico stand out as prime examples because they present significant advances in coverage, Saldaña Otero said in an interview with Efe during the LATAM ICT 2022 Congress, organized in Cancun, Mexico by Huawei with the support of ITU and GSMA Intelligence.

These countries “are already beginning to release and auction the spectrum, which is the essential input for 5G deployment,” he said.

“Access to technology is helping economic development, and we are fervent believers that technology is going to help the general development of the population. We see it in terms of the digital economy that is developing based on this technology,” he noted.

He predicted that in sectors such as mining, agriculture and health, the benefits will be seen “very quickly,” since the new technology is very easy to adopt.

“Although we are in a phase of early deployment of the technology, what we are going to see in the very near future is the rapid adoption of 5G and the proliferation of different use cases in different industries,” he said.

And he added that “each industry will have a specific use case because they are developing worldwide based on this technology.”

Saldaña Otero said Huawei’s Tech4 social responsibility program is especially relevant at this stage because it centers on education so that young people have access to technology and development of their digital skills and the development of projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Their goals are also to make available devices that help with issues such as visual and hearing weakness so that people can have a better quality of life, and lastly, coverage and access to digital technologies.

Referring to the parallel programs that they maintain with various organizations to bring green energy sources to remote communities and facilitate digitization, he assured that they will bring enormous benefits in terms of environmental conservation and economic and social development.

“Bringing coverage, the use of technology, and helping them with digital skills are triggering economic development in all those communities so that they integrate with the rest of the population, which already has those accesses,” he said.

On the other hand, projects like these seek to “bring digital technologies to areas that probably have little or no telephone coverage,” he concluded. EFE



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