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The last remaining fan workshop in Paris, at risk of disappearing

Paris, Feb 18 (efe-epa).- The last remaining fan workshop in Paris, owned by a family of artisans who have been making these accessories for more than 100 years, is at risk of going under as debts from months of unpaid rent start to mount.

In the past, Atelier Hoguet worked with French haute couture houses and with the some of the best known designers, making the fans of some of their outfits. “The one I knew the most and dealt with personally was Karl Lagerfeld, but I also worked with Coco Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton,” Anne Hoguet, the owner of the workshop, recalls.

Everything was working out until six years ago, when maintenance work in the building made access to their museum very difficult. The museum accounted for 50% of their total income.

The arrival of the pandemic in March was the last push towards the precipice, since the enforced closure of cultural shows meant that the workshop lost some of its best clients, especially the theater companies that used to request customized fans for their performances.

The monthly rent of 3,200 euros for the premises has been accumulating for the best part of a year, generating debts of 117,000 euros which were notified to the tenants on Christmas Eve with a possible eviction looming on the horizon.

This precarious situation led Hoguet to talk with the media and, after an interview in the newspaper Le Parisien, she found a solution — she would ask for money through crowdfunding.

Hoguet has raised more than 5,000 euros in just two weeks, although 9,600 are needed to pay the next quarter. “The premises are owned by the town hall and, for now, they have given us an extension”, she said, hoping for better times ahead. EFE-EPA


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