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The Shrink Next Door: a true story of therapy gone wrong

Los Angeles, US, Nov 25 (EFE).- Mental health is not a topic that naturally lends itself to humour but Apple TV series The Shrink Next Door tells the surreal and true story of a therapist, played by Paul Rudd, who slowly takes over the life and business of his patient, played by Will Ferrell.

Based on true events that Joe Nocera recounted on his eponymous 2019 Wondery and Bloomberg podcast, the dark comedy delves into the toxic relationship between Martin Markowitz (Ferrell) and Isaac Herschkopf (Rudd), in which over the course of 30 years Herschkopf inserted himself into Markowitz’s life, home and bank account.

“We wanted to be sensitive to the serious parts but I think tragedy and comedy really go hand in hand and this is a manifestation of that,” Ferrell told Efe, when asked why use comedy to tell the tragic story of Markowitz’s ordeal.

“It’s more a study in human fragility and that we are all capable, some more than others, of being manipulated,” the actor continued.

Created by Georgia Pritchett, from blockbuster series Succession, the show explores the dangers and risks attached to abusive professional relationships.

“It’s really telling the story about these people and this relationship, I think it’s more about that specifically than it would be about an indictment or anything on therapy or mental health in general, we are big proponents personally,” Rudd told Efe.

“This could also be seen as a cautionary tale. What to avoid if you are at a therapy session and your therapist decides that he wants to move into your house and become a partner in business with you, that’s a red flag,” the actor chuckled. EFE


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