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The sky is the limit for Glasgow’s street art

Glasgow, UK, Feb 20 (EFE).- The buildings in Glasgow have become a canvas for a growing street art movement who have added a dash of color and creativity to Scotland’s largest city.

It is being done with the blessing and encouragement of city officials, who are putting the motto People Make Glasgow into action.

“It’s a way and a means to bring together some of this street art that had started to populate the streets of Glasgow city center,” John Foster, who manages the City Centre Mural Trail, tells Efe.

“The way that it works is the artists will usually approach us, they will identify a potential site for a mural that they think would work quite well, they’ll come up with the concept artwork and together we will create the artwork that they’ve envisioned,” he says.

“That will include identifying the property landlord, obtaining permissions.”

A walk through the center of the city brings you face to face with up to 14 of 30 murals completed as part of the project

“One of the reasons we’ve been so successful in encouraging artists to get involved in the project, is because we’ve tried to offer as much creative freedom as we possibly can,” Foster adds.

“All we will say is no politics, no religion and no football is really the main sort of three things that we stay away from, mainly because it could bring the city or the council into disrepute.”

“Other than that, the sky’s the limit.”

Politics, religion and football can be a thorny issue in Glasgow due to fierce rivalry between Celtic, associated with Irish Catholicism, and Rangers, whose fans are more likely to identify as Protestants.

The murals of Glasgow track the city’s history from its foundations, with now iconic pieces by the artists Smug, to more recent events such as a commemoration to members of indigenous communities who attended the COP26 climate summit last year.

Smug’s mural at Saint Mungo, which depicts a man with a robin perched on his finger, is the sixth most uploaded photograph among British Instagram users, according to online trader I Want Wallpaper. EFE


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