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“The Woman in the Window”: Amy Adam’s struggle to overcome fear

Paula Escalada Medrano

Madrid, May 12 (EFE).- Letting go of fear is at the core of British director Joe Wright’s upcoming movie “The Woman in the Window”, starring two-time Golden Globe winner Amy Adams.

The long-awaited psychological thriller based on A.J. Finn’s novel will finally be released on Netflix next Friday, after multiple postponements.

The award-winning actress and seven-time oscar nominee plays the role of Dr. Anna Fox, a psychologist suffering from trauma following a severe car accident and separation from her husband. Anna lives as a recluse in her home in New York where she drowns her sorrows in alcohol and starts spying on her neighbors through her window. The movie follows her journey through depression, pain and emotions.

In an interview with EFE a few days before the movie premiere, Amy shared her experience of playing the role. “Performing Anna was very challenging emotionally and physically. I think she is dealing with something that is so rough and vulnerable,” she confessed.

“The importance of letting go of fear, setting aside your anxieties and walking through fear to the other side,” was the biggest lesson playing the role of Anna taught her, Adams added.

After witnessing a brutal murder, Anna enters an even deeper depression which brings her to a breaking point. She faces a feeling of helplessness as she sees what is happening in her community but feels too trapped in her own sorrow to be able to contribute, the actress explains.

“That is something that has been helpful to me because I also have this feeling of helplessness that has been very hard to surrender, to direct my desire to be at service into my own community and my own relationships,” she said.

Joe Wright said the movie is about the stigma around exposing one’s vulnerabilities. “I think people walk around wanting to be seen as somehow impenetrable and strong. That is what society wants,” he told EFE.

“Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in personal relationships, allowing yourself to be seen really. But that takes a lot of time and a lot of practice,” he added.

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