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Thousands return the rainbow to Mexico City in the LGBT pride march

By Juan Manuel Ramírez G.

Mexico City, Jun 26 (EFE).- Thousands participated Saturday in the the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Pride march in Mexico City, a spontaneous outing at the streets of this capital that were suddenly covered with the colors of the rainbow.

Although there was a call not to go out on the streets due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the multicolored tide, which for a few hours collapsed the roads that converge on the central Reforma avenue, took over this central artery of the Mexican capital. They demanded rights, equality, non-discrimination, equity and justice.

The start was scheduled for 12.00 (17.00 GMT), but three hours before, some of the participants began to arrive at the Angel of Independence and, as the hours passed, thousands of people were integrated into a walk that reached the capital’s Zócalo avenue.

“It is important to always make visible all the actions we carry out in favor of trans women and other people in the LGBT + community,” Scarlett Giselle Reyes, from the National Trans Political Agenda collective, who led the march, told EFE.

Although this year the celebration was officially virtual due to the pandemic, thousands of people from the LGBT + community came out to celebrate their march for another year.

“We did not want to ‘sell’ the movement because it belongs to everyone and we are all the march. Some made it virtual to have sponsorships, but we simply took to the streets, like every year,” Reyes added.

Faced with the untimely departure of people, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City deployed a device with some 700 agents and 50 vehicles to guarantee the safety and mobility of the participants.

The march in the Mexican capital took place within the framework of the International LGBT + Pride Day celebrated worldwide on June 28, at a time when the Mexican LGBT community has achieved legal recognition of same-sex marriage in more of 20 of the 32 states. They have also achieved gender identity laws for trans people in more than a dozen states.

However, each month there are more than six hate murders against LGBT people, of which more than half are of trans women. According to estimates, in Mexico there were 79 murders of LGBT people in 2020, 43 of them being transfeminicides. EFE


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