Thousands turn out for Catalan independence rally in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, Oct 3 (EFE).- About three thousand people demonstrated in Barcelona on Sunday to show their support for the independence of the autonomous region of Catalonia and to remember the independence referendum of October 1, 2017.

The vote, which was declared unconstitutional by Spanish authorities and was marred by clashes between people at polling centers and security forces, led to the several leaders of the Catalan independence movement, including former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont being charged.

Demonstrators also shouted slogans in favor of Puigdemont, who is due to appear in court in Sardinia, Italy on Monday for an extradition hearing.

Puigdemont, who is an MEP and resides in Belgium, has been living in exile on the run from Spanish justice, which has charged him for alleged criminal responsibilities during the unconstitutional secessionist process of 2017.

In October 2019, the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced nine other Catalan leaders to prison terms of between 9 and 13 years for sedition in connection with the independence process, although they were pardoned by the Spanish government in June.

The protestors called for “continued popular mobilization” to achieve “amnesty” and the end of “repressive impunity, both police and judicial”. EFE


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