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Three gored in frantic Pamplona bull run

Pamplona, Spain, Jul 11 (EFE).- Three people were gored during the fifth bull run at the Sanfermines festival in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona on Monday.

It took the Cebada Gago ranch bulls three minutes and 12 seconds to complete a frantic and dangerous run through Pamplona’s old town. Four other participants were injured — although not gored — during the run, according to provisional figures.

Two of the gorings occurred in the bullring at the end of the run and where the animals will be killed later in the day by bullfighters. Another person was pierced by a bull’s horn in the street.

Two of those gored were Spanish participants while the third was an Australian who was pierced in the leg and required medical attention inside the bullring, according to the local Hospital Universitario de Navarra.

One of the six bulls took the lead in the herd to set a fast-paced run through the city.

The Sanfermines festival is interspersed with huge meals, copious amounts of wine and beer, parades, musical performances and general revelry spread out across the city, where the 200,000-strong population of Pamplona is joined by hundreds of thousands of visitors who flock there every year from across the globe.

Three more runs are scheduled until the hedonistic event comes to a close Thursday. EFE


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