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TikTok users in China to flag AI-generated content

Beijing, May 9 (EFE).- Douyin, the Chinese version of social media application TikTok, published guidelines Tuesday regarding content generated by artificial intelligence that include the requirement to mark material generated by artificial intelligence as such.

Users will be able to “distinguish between what is virtual and what is real,” the company said in a statement published in one of its official Douyin accounts, adding that “publishers are responsible for the consequences of content generated by artificial intelligence”.

The video platform said “it is prohibited to use artificial intelligence to create and publish content that infringes, among others, image and intellectual property rights” and that “the creation and publication of material that misinforms or spreads hoaxes”.

Chinese police recently launched an investigation into a news portal that used popular artificial intelligence software ChatGPT to generate and spread fake articles to gain large amounts of traffic and profit.

In April, the Chinese internet authorities published a draft of to regulate the artificial intelligence sector, which will require that the content created by chatbots and other generative models “reflect fundamental socialist values” and not ” undermine national unity,” “subvert state power” or “incite to divide the country.”

The commotion around services similar to ChatGPT in China has also given rise to questions about the application of this type of technology in the country due to the strong censorship imposed by authorities. EFE


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