Tokyo 2020 organizers showcase Covid-friendly Olympic Village

Tokyo, Jun 20 (EFE).- The Tokyo 2020 organizers on Sunday unveiled the Olympic Village, which has been adapted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during next month’s Games.

The athletes and coaching personnel will spend most of their time during the Olympics within these facilities as they are banned from leaving the Village to move freely in the country.

The 44-hectare facilities, built on a Tokyo Bay artificial island, comprise 18,000 and 8,000 beds for the Olympic and Paralympic athletes respectively, organizers said during a media tour.

There will be two dining rooms, where transparent shields will separate seats to prevent the spread of the virus among the athletes.

It includes a special center for the athletes who test Covid-19 positive in the daily mandatory saliva tests, where they will undergo PCR tests to determine whether or not they have contracted the virus.

Should the athletes, who must wait for the result in isolation rooms, test positive, they are to be transferred to quarantine facilities outside the Village or a hospital in case they develop moderate to severe symptoms.

A specialized team will then track down the people who had close contact with the infected to be tested and put into temporary isolation.

The Village will also have a large gym with transparent shields to separate the 600 machines available for the athletes, who must wear masks in workouts.

There will be a network of taxis and busses to transport athletes from the village to training or competition venues as they are not allowed to use public transportation. EFE


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