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Tokyo aquarium launches mesmerizing panoramic jellyfish tank

Tokyo, Jul 9 (efe-epa).- Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium launched its new 14-meter-wide Jellyfish Panorama tank on Thursday where visitors can enjoy an immersive experience surrounded by the floating creatures.

The new jellyfish tank is the largest of its kind in Japan and rises from the ground in a darkened room revealing the astounding beauty of floating jellyfish glowing in the dark.

The Kurageku Kun jellyfish area has two newly launched aquariums, the Jellyfish Panorama tank housed by moon jellyfish floating in a semi-dark room and the Jellyfish Screen which showcases the striking sea nettle with its brown bell-like structure and reddish tentacles.

These two new spaces add to the existing tanks, including the Jellyfish tunnel and the Jellyfish drop making, bringing the immersive and otherworldly experience to six aquariums.

“I hope people can be relaxed by feeling like they are floating in the deep sea with the jellyfish,” an aquarium official told the Japanese agency Kyodo.

Tickets for this show must be purchased in advance for a specific date and time, with prices ranging from 1,200 yen (about $11) for children to 2,400 yen (about $22) for adults.

The Sunshine aquarium was closed for three months due to the Covid-19 pandemic but reopened on 8 June.

Unlike most marine creatures, jellyfish are thriving in our oceans even though ecosystems have been disrupted by global warming, ocean acidification and overfishing.

They are not actually fish, but gelatinous zooplankton with no heart nor brain and are among the world’s most deadly creatures.

The box jellyfish kills up to 30 people a year in The Philippines and is widely considered the world’s most venomous creature.

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