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Total lunar eclipse dazzles sky gazers around the world

Madrid, Nov 8 (EFE).- A dazzling total lunar eclipse on Tuesday delighted sky gazers around the world who were treated to an astronomical wonder that will not happen again until 2025.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon, Earth and Sun are fully aligned and the Moon travels through the Earth’s shadow casting a coppery orange glow, also known as a blood moon.

Special equipment is not necessary to observe a lunar eclipse, although binoculars and telescopes allow a more precise observation and enhance the appreciation of the warm hue the Moon appears to take on.

Experts advise sourcing a dark and remote environment devoid of light pollution to fully enjoy the event.

Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse was visible in parts of North, Central and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, according to Nasa data.

The space agency said viewers in Alaska and Hawaii were also treated to all stages of the eclipse.

The total lunar eclipse peaked at 10:17 UTC, Nasa added.EFE


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