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Trendy Mexican jewelry firm to send rings into space

Mexico City, Jul 1 (EFE).- Building on Mexico’s millennia-old tradition of jewelry-making, Aaron Changpo blazed a new path 11 years ago by founding Varon, which crafts unisex pieces and is now preparing to send a pair of wedding rings into space.

“It’s a dream made real,” he told EFE. “We will launch them in September, going and returning.”

The project began when a couple approached Varon about making their rings and Changpo, whose grandfather was a jeweler, learned that the husband-to-be is an engineer with a company that launches rockets.

But the “rings in space” initiative is just the latest milestone for Varon, whose mission is creating pieces that become family heirlooms.

Changpo sees jewelry as “an extension of the body and an expression of personality.”

“We very much celebrate the traditionality of the country. We are the second-largest producer of silver in the world and that is something important to us,” he said.

The company founder said he aspired to make pieces that could be worn by both men and women as a way of breaking down barriers and encouraging people to follow their own instincts.

“If you like something, grab it,” Changpo said.

Having pieces worn by celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Katy Perry, and Bad Bunny has made Varon an internationally recognized brand, but Changpo said that what brings him the most satisfaction is the opportunity for collaboration.

The best thing, he said, “is to collaborate with your friends and unite the two forces. We have been able to make things that have gone viral and which people have liked very much.”

And Changpo hopes that Varon’s success will inspire other creators who are just starting out.

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